Saturday, April 02, 2005

Increase AdSense Revenue

I recently stumbled upon something that I should have heard about earlier. Apparently, Google held an Adsense Users Forum on March 16 to discuss best practices for publishers and get feedback from the publisher community.

What has come out of the forum is some very interesting information that just might help you to squeeze a bit more revenue out of your Adsense ads (if you have them) without angering the folks at Google. For example:

"He shared test results he found while in search of the best placement for monetiziation, and the best was using the borderless blended technique. He is a strong believer in blending the ads into content, so when readers finish an article, the natural inclination is to click one of the links suggested by AdSense." (Emphasis added)

If you'd like to read more, here are a few write-ups and discussions about the event: First WebMasterWorld, then some guy's site, and finally a discussion on AssociatePrograms Forums started by the aforementioned guy.



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