Tuesday, January 18, 2005

For Marketers

If you are a marketer, affiliate or otherwise, I would highly recommend this article from InternetNews.com.

The article discusses a recent study done by Yankelovich Partners, Inc. Which found that consumers are becoming increasingly negative about and resistant to advertising. I was not surprised because I'm pretty much on that bandwagon.

Most of the advertising I see is not even meant for me. When I watch the news I see ads for several types of insurance, tons of drugs, and dial-up internet services. I already have the insurance I need (which isn't much), I am young and healthy and do not need any type of pharmaceutical, and I deeply despise dial-up internet with all my soul. I would sign up for PeoplePC Online only at gunpoint (and I would cancel it as soon as the gunman, or gunperson if you like, left).

Let's face it, TV and print publications are not yet advanced enough to properly target each of their viewers so I end up being bored to death by thousands of ads that I don't care about. However, there are plenty of products that I am interested in and would like to know more about.

That's where the internet beats (can beat) all other media. Proper search engine marketing, for example, delivers targeted advertising to people who are looking specifically for the product advertised. That is beautiful. Here's a supporting article (also from InternetNews.com) to back that up.

Moral of the story: Target your marketing. Take the time and effort to research your market, survey your customers, and implement any systems that you might need to take advantage of the customizability of the internet.


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