Tuesday, April 05, 2005

AdSense Update

I logged into my Google AdSense account today and I noticed a significant and wonderful change. It was subtle, but it warmed my soul. Before today, when I would select "Channel Data" to see how each of my sites had performed, the Date Range would automatically change from "Today" to "2 Days Ago" (because data from "Today" could only be seen as "Aggregate Data").

Today it did not. Today I was able to see how each of my sites had performed "Today". I like that a lot (since I'm obsessed with my stats) and consider it to be a significant improvement to the AdSense system.

I assume that I was not the only one with late coming stats and that this was a system-wide change. If that is the case, then go check your stats and go out to dinner to celebrate.

By the way, here's an FYI to all you budding internet marketers out there: I have earned more with AdSense than with any affiliate program. I would recommend it to anyone with a content-based site.


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