Saturday, October 23, 2004


All right. I'm going to get into some details today. My first topic will be ClickBank.

ClickBank is an interesting type of affiliate management service. They only deal with downloadable products like software and ebooks. Interested parties can register to sell their product through ClickBank. It is possible to buy directly from the ClickBank website, but most sales come through ClickBank's affiliates. Each of the products are sold on their own sites and purchased through the ClickBank shopping cart.

There are several nice things about ClickBank. First, you sign up with ClickBank once and then can freely switch between any of the products being sold. All you have to do is change a small portion of your affiliate link and you're good. You could sell something different every day, or every hour, if you so chose. There's no need to notify anyone about your changes, ClickBank tracks your sales from where ever they may come.

In addition, products are ranked by performance (sales) so it's easy to spot good sellers. Of course, this has its disadvantages becuase everyone sees what you see, so competion on Adwords can get pretty heavy.

That leads into my next point, which concerns the connection between ClickBank and Adwords marketing. Because the ClickBank affiliate system is so simple (there's generally just the small standard text link which you can take anywhere), it lends itself to Adwords. Also, all the products are digital so if people like what they see, they can get it right then and there. No shipping, and no hassels. That increases the chances of impulse buys, in my opinion, which is great for selling with Adwords.

On a normal affiliate site, you might find a review, a sales letter or some other type of endorsment. After reading that presell copy, the visitor would click through to the product site and get the full sales pitch. With Adwords, your presell copy is two short lines and a title. Because you can't do much preselling with that, it helps to have products that are so easy to buy.

It also helps that ClickBank has over 10,000 products, almost all of which are sold individually. When someone clicks your ad, they'll find a site that sells exactly what you advertised and nothing else (at least, it shouldn't. If it does sell other things I would think twice about avertising it).

Conclusion: Most of what I sell on Adwords comes from ClickBank. This is a generally accepted good idea (The Google Cash site, and book, discuss ClickBank as well), though it's certainly not your only option.

That's all for now, expect more details next post.


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