Friday, February 17, 2006

Tunecore, iTunes, and You (the musician)

One of my favorite pass-times is hating the music industry. It's downright disgraceful and pathetic. Fortunately, I have become aware of a new web site/service that just might help turn things around: Tunecore.

Apparently, Tunecore has struck deals with both iTunes and Rhapsody online music services allowing them (Tunecore) to put your music up for sale there (iTunes and/or Rhapsody). That's right, anyone who can record their music can now sell it on iTunes without signing their soul away to some record company. In fact, Tunecore doesn't even take a cut of the sales (which means you take home the full $0.70 per download from iTunes US).

There are some upfront costs for using the service but they are so low it's almost funny. This is definitely not meant to be an exclusive service. Personally, I think it's meant to overthrow the established music empire and burn their mansions to the ground. At least, I kinda hope that's what happens.


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