Thursday, November 17, 2005

Fame, Fortune and Good Content

In the world of internet marketing, and especially SEO, the words 'good content' often come up. They usually appear in a sentence like "the secret to attracting and keeping visitors is good content (and lots of it)." Sound familiar? Of course it does (and if it doesn’t, it should. What have you been doing anyway?).

The problem with 'good content' is that it can be difficult to produce. In fact, I would be willing to say that if it was not at least a little bit difficult, it is probably not very good content (a fine example of this is reality TV). Now, writing is currently the standard way to produce most of the 'content' we see on the web, but not everyone is a gifted writer. In fact, most of us aren't. However, that does not stop us from wanting to make an absurd amount of money online.

So what can you, the non-gifted-writer, do to solve this problem?

I have some suggestions:

A. Learn to write better. Though time consuming, this can pay dividends in the long run. Sometimes a little practice and proofreading can go a long way (and a spellchecker). If that’s not going to cut it, you might consider some kind of writing course or book or something (or just read things that you find interesting and then think about what it was that made you like it).

B. Get a partner who can write well and make them do the writing. Sharing the workload in this manner means that you will not only get better content for your site, but you will also do less work. The drawback here is that your partner may want a share of your earnings.

C. Pay someone to write for you. To find that sort of talent you might try or Both are good resources for this sort of thing. This will definitely cost money, so be prepared for that.

D. Skip the writing thing and make some other type of content. If you have a nice, soothing voice you might consider podcasting. If you are not a weird looking geek, video may be an option for you. And we must not forget that there is always the Flash Cartoon option.

As you can see, there is plenty of hope for the non-gifted-writer. Your dreams of internet wealth should not be dashed; Good content is within your reach. If you have any other suggestions that do not involve spam, feel free to post them here.


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